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At the end of the 19th century, Ferdinand Claus and Georges Schweder, two entrepreneurs from Germany, decided to create a soap and fragrance factory in the historic city of Porto.



Permit and plans of the new building built in 1891 on Rua Serpa Pinto in Porto.



The company wins a gold medal at the Paris Universal Exhibition.



Claus Porto's international recognition begins with a gold medal award at the Universal Exhibition in Saint Louis, in the United States.



Achilles de Brito, an accountant at Claus & Schweder since 1903, becomes a partner in the company.



With the First World War spreading across Europe, the company's founder, Ferdinand Claus, leaves the country. Willy Thessen also leaves the country, but returns in 1918. Photo: J.Benoliel.



The Ach. Brito Group acquires the assets of the former Claus & Schweder company, thus bringing together Ach. Brito and Claus & Schweder.



Honorary diploma from the 1st Autumn Salon of Feminine Elegance and Decorative Arts, sponsored by the Society of Fine Arts. Initiative and organization of Voga magazine.



Ach. Brito Patti soap has become one of the most popular and important in the company. The name is a tribute to the famous opera singer, Adelina Patti.



Claus Porto products for men are now marketed under the newly created Musgo Real brand.



Claus Porto celebrates its 50th anniversary. A special edition 'Bodas de Ouro’ is published to celebrate the anniversary, and several commemorative memorabilia are produced.



Ach. Brito sets up its own lithography and printing studio, reproducing its handmade labels on a larger scale.



Equipped with state-of-art technology, the lithography also starts producing materials for other companies. Tabaqueira, Sandman, Real Vinícola, Real Companhia Velha, Porto Calem and Burmester are just some of them.



Willy Thessen, one of the company's first directors, is forced to leave for health reasons.



A special edition celebrating the company's anniversary.



The great-grandchildren of Achilles de Brito, Aquiles and Sónia Brito, start a new chapter for the company, introducing the brand's products to the luxury goods market in the USA, Canada and England.



The old Ach.Brito and Claus Porto Factory in Porto, 1999. Today the new and modern facilities are located in Vila do Conde.



With the arrival of the new millennium, Claus Porto continues its international expansion, reinforcing its position in the luxury market.



Decades of experience and tradition in the production of cosmetics and perfumes are used to launch of new products, such as candles, home diffusers, hand creams and colognes.



The brand goes through a rebranding process, which begins with the change of its visual identity, but always respecting the heritage and history of the fragrance house.



When the work on paper becomes three-dimensional, it is transformed into design object. These are some of the objects that are a part of our history.


Perfume bottles and Colognes from the beginning of the 20th century. The Musgo Real collection was launched in the 1930s, and still remains a masculine grooming classic.


Haircare products.


Bronze stamp from the Musgo Real collection and box of soaps from the Deco collection, from the 50s - Ilyria, still produced today.


Some products from the Musgo Real line in the 50's – Soap stick, that has evolved into the Musgo Real shaving cream.


Two different soap boxes from the Deco collection, from the 50's - Lettuce, one of the brand's most iconic designs, is still in the current product range.


Metal and paper packaging - talc and beauty products.


Rare perfume bottles and original boxes from the Lily line, which have inspired the Cerina line of the Deco collection. These boxes are on display at the Flagship store Museum, in Porto.


Musgo Real Soaps from the 1970s.


Products from the Smart perfume line – still in the current line of the brand with an iconic soap from the Classico collection - Smart Rose.


Delicate feminine beauty care objects. A red lipstick, rice powder, and perfume bottle from the luxurious Orchidea line.