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Claus Porto’s Deco assortment makes a bold statement, with charming, patterned labels. They are inspired by the dramatic designs that first made Claus Porto’s name in the late 19th and early 20th Century. Each of its 10 lines represent a different fragrance composed of ingredients that evoke Portugal’s diverse countryside.


Classico’s soaps are a reflection of Claus Porto’s heritage, and echo its 19th Century roots. The soaps are hand-wrapped in packaging that's based on the house's vintage imagery, with patterns that drawn on Portugal's intricate architectural motifs. They are finished with a lacquer seal.


This is the story of a journey through the aromatic landscapes of Portugal, scented by pine forests touched by the sea breeze, orange and lemon notes, granite cities, tropical gardens and sun-burned fields. It is also a time travel that explores the 130 years of history of Claus Porto as a prestigious fragrance house.


Musgo Real was first launched in the 1930s, and it remains a classic, found in Portuguese houses over several generations. The brand retains its masculine aesthetic, with products offered in five different fragrances, including soaps, shaving cream or soap, aftershave, pre-shave oil, colognes and EDT.