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Introducing the Floral Symphony Collection, a harmonious blend of nature's most exquisite blossoms captured in a special edition of four scented candles. Each candle in this collection tells a unique story through its carefully curated fragrances, transporting you to lush gardens, coastline aquatic green notes and blooming countryside landscapes.


We are Portuguese and, to us, the sea represents endless possibilities, infinite hope, and a higher power. It will always be the starting point, an arrival pier, the horizon as far as the eye can see. This was our starting point for the creation of our new Musgo Real fragrance line – Alto Mar. Vibrant, fresh and invigorating, the line carries an eau de toilette, plus an amazing soap, in different sizes and shapes.


Experience the delicate elegance of white magnolia, the fresh allure of blue sage, the sweet whisper of jasmine breeze, and the vibrant bouquet of spring flowers. Light these candles to fill your home with the symphony of floral notes, creating an atmosphere of tranquility, beauty, and pure refinement.


Musgo Real Alto Mar Eau de Toilette is a tribute to the sea. A celebration of the desire for adventure and freedom that has always been a part of the Portuguese soul. Opening with fresh and light notes, this fragrance presents a powerful aromatic heart where rosemary and absinth rule on a base of vetiver and exotic woods. The creator of this fragrance is French Perfumer Daphné Bugey. Living in Portugal since 2018, she chose this country to be closer to nature and to the ocean, which inspired her for this creation.


The hexagonal shape of this packaging makes the opening of the top lid resembling the blooming of a flower. It is also another step on Claus Porto's path to sustainability, using 30% less paper than the more conventional square format.


The Musgo Real Alto Mar soap range is unique and special. Each soap carries the power of the Atlantic Ocean in the form of a macro algae extract, that is nutrient rich and sustainably sourced. Skin will feel clean, hydrated, and comfortable. Made with vegetable oils, it will transform your everyday shower into an invigorating experience. These soaps are available in two different sizes: 190g | 6,7 oz. Net wt. Soap on a Rope, and 160g | 5,6 oz. Net wt.


Each candle is wrapped in vintage patterns with elaborate ornamental graphic features and the highlight of a feminine name on the label, carefully selected and inspired from the unique design heritage that has distinguished our brand for over 137 years.


For the creation of our Musgo Real Alto Mar soap range we have partnered with a Portuguese company that has been dedicated, since 2012 to controlled and sustainable farming of seaweed species from the Atlantic coast. In a land-based system that is innovative, natural and with organic certification, we obtain our star ingredient: the bladderwrack extract. The soap is also infused with vegetable oils such as soybean oil to truly transform your shower routine. From the Atlantic to you, a new generation of soaps.


Musgo Real was first launched in the 1930s, and it remains a classic, found in Portuguese houses over several generations. The brand retains its masculine aesthetic, with products offered in five different fragrances, including soaps, shaving cream or soap, aftershave, pre-shave oil, colognes and EDT.